Take the world’s biggest challenge as your personal opportunity to create the foundation for a

highly scalable and profitable

ClimateTech Startup.


We will probably organize a new Climate Hack in the beginning of 2021.


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Below you can find all details from Climate Hack 2020 where 34 fantastic ideas came to life. 


High performers who are eager to build a business.


Those with a background in business, product, mechanical & electrical engineering, data science or coding.


Do you want to find out what it feels like to start a world-changing startup? Why don't you try it out for one weekend?


Even better if you already have a clear plan to start a startup!


Find your perfect team members,

create a scalable

business model and work on a technical showcase

with your team. In just 48 hours!


We will provide at least 10 climate change solutions.


You will also get background information and first ideas for tech-based business models around these solutions.


You should select the topic that perfectly suits your team and use it as the point of departure to create a software and data-based business model to build, distribute or manage these climate solutions.


Around the globe, remotely!


From home or together with your team in your city you will feel the energy of a big event.


Start: June, 26. at 5 pm (CEST)

End: June, 28. at 7 pm (CEST)


We create an individual 3 months program for the winning team to leverage the Climate Founders network.


Full access to our mentors network, full access to our industry network, and last but not least we will schedule meetings with investors for you.


Principal @ Oxx
Principal @ PROfounders Capital
Managing Partner @ Vito One
Co-Founder & CEO @ Cirplus
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CEO & Founder @ Climate Founders
Facilitator @ Startupweekend
Founder @ TEDxMalmö
Founding partner @ Blackwater group
Co-Founder @ Outfittery & Planetly
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