With Climate Change we face the biggest challenge in human history. We believe technology and entrepreneurial culture is the best way to encounter this challenge. Therefore we need the world's brightest minds and most ambitious people - our mission is to empower these outlier individuals to become successful climate founders.

Your opportunity

You want to take the world's biggest challenge as your personal opportunity?



You come from an academic environment where you have been working in technological, biological or chemical projects. Now you want to build a greentech startup based on academic research or just based on a first climate relevant idea you have in mind. You are looking for a strong team and real market feedback.


Domain Expert

You have professional and industry experience. On the basis of industry problems related to climate change you found the one business idea that you want to build up your own company. You are looking for a strong team and the lean methods.


Tech Executer

You are an enthusiast for technological innovations that shape the future of our planet. Your core strength is to build tech solutions with your strong mechanical, electrical, data or software engineering 

background. You just need the right project and a strong co-founder to change the world.  


Business Executer

You love competition and you are highly ambitious and execution-driven. With your background in consulting or startup you feel well prepared to build something big and now you are looking for a greentech business case and the right team to join for changing the world.

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